Stephen B. Gilbert brings rich experience from for-profit education industry and the fields of human-computer interaction and instructional design to any educational project.

He has worked closely with software developers and instructional designers to define features of online authoring tools and learning content management systems (LCMS) that promote extensible reuse of content. He has also supervised the creation of the templates and standards used online to promote consistent, high-quality instruction. Collaborating with faculty at University of Chicago, Columbia, and elsewhere, he has led the design of award-winning online business courses.

Dr. Gilbert received his B.S.E. from Princeton University in civil engineering, focusing on human-computer interaction, and his Ph.D. from MIT in brain and cognitive sciences. As a researcher at MIT, he helped design and teach a variety of courses at the MIT Media Lab, as well as evaluate the Sloan Business School’s distance MBA degree program (SDM). He is currently a collaborator at Iowa State University's Center for Technology in Learning and Teaching.

Joanne M. Marshall offers key expertise in assessment and evaluation of educational reform projects. Her background in school policy and work with educational leaders grounds her in the real-world impact of new educational techniques on learners and the school community.

Dr. Marshall graduated from the Harvard University Graduate School of Education with a doctorate in Administration, Planning, and Social Policy. There she worked with the Consortium for Policy Research in Education, and the National School Reform Faculty Evaluation. She is currently an assistant professor in Iowa State University's department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies.

Contact Stephen Gilbert at 515.296.7800 or e-mail.